• consulting

    Are you missing a piece to the puzzle? Our professional staff at Front Range Technology can help. We can assist with all phases of business development from advertising to infrastructure design and deployment. If you are starting a business, acquiring a company or just need help with reoccurring Technology issues, we can offer a solution that is right for your company and your budget. By knowing potential issues and hazards before implementing a Technology solution, we can make suggestions as to what is right for your business - saving you time and money. Serving the Front Range since 1991, let our experience and stability work for you making your business a success! Call today for a no hassle free quote on your consulting needs, we are here for you and have the knowledge to help you and your business succeed.

  • networking

    Connectivity is key for today's business world, if you are connected you can communicate, exchange information and perform daily tasks effortlessly. Technology now allows us to work from our homes as if we were in the office and connects us to remote offices sharing data and information seamlessly. Many times we take for granted that if we are connected, everything is working, safe and secure. A well designed Network infrastructure need to be properly managed and monitored with security in mind. Sometimes making it easy for employees to access leaves the door open for unauthorized access. At front Range Technology we can design and implement a secure wired or wireless network solution that will allow you to work freely without compromising network security.

  • Security

    System and network security is of the highest importance in today's connected world. If your infrastructure is not secure, you will get attacked and compromised, not maybe, not possibly - rest assured it is just a matter of time. Hackers scan the Internet 24 hours a day looking for weak systems to prey on and you do not want to be the target. Front Range Technology can secure your network and systems making them virtually "Invisible" from port scans, DoS and other malicious Hacker attacks. Our professionals take pride in not only providing you a robust, stable network, yet also implementing the latest security technologies to keep you and your valuable data secure. Call us today for a network security evaluation and penetration testing. We can identify the weaknesses Hackers look for, patch them and close the holes before you get attacked.