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  • February 24, 2015

    Need an extra phone line for your home business? $99 one-time charge for free lifetime unlimited calling to the US and Canada. Includes PolyCom 2-Line Desk phone!

  • January 30, 2015

    Call us today for a complete affordable VoIP solution for your office, large or small. Save hundreds of dollars off of your monthly phone bill!

  • September 10, 2014

    Time to think about some fall cleaning for that computer, dust, dirt and lint have accumulated in your fans and components over the hot summer months. call us today for a desktop Tune-up!



Specializing in all operating systems, server, desktop net book and tablets.

If your system is broke, we can fix it quickly and at a reasonable price!



In today's world, information technology is the key to success.  If for even one minute you slip behind the curve, the result to you business and profitability can be devastating. 

At Front Range Technology we realize there is a fine line between up-to-date and out-of-date, this is why we stay on top of cutting-edge technology to provide secure solutions to help your business succeed.

Enterprise class performance and security requires constant monitoring, updates and knowledge of all facets of technology to be successful.  Implementing a secure yet robust network does not happen out of a box, it entails extreme technical knowledge, precise planning, structured installation and routine maintenance.

Our professional staff can assist you from concept to deployment, recommending the best products and services to fit your business needs along the way.  The final result is a safe, secure network infrastructure that will integrate seamlessly with your day to day business requirements.




how we can help

  • networking

    Connectivity is key for today's business world, if you are connected you can communicate, exchange information and perform daily tasks effortlessly. Technology now allows us to work from our homes as if we were in the office.

  • Consulting

    Are you missing a piece to the puzzle? Our professional staff at Front Range Technology can help. We can assist with all phases of business development from advertising to infrastructure design and deployment.

  • security

    System and network security is of the highest importance in today's connected world. If your infrastructure is not secure, you will get attacked and compromised, not maybe, not possibly - rest assured it is just a matter of time.